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Difficulty: Hard Monday, November 2, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Monday, November 2, 2020

12:18 am

Done Had to restart after wrong moves. Nice puzzle have fun
12:53 am

Hard was simple with greens, for me :)
4:47 am

5:09 am

5:20 am

At the risk of being shouted down for being political, and this is not, it's purely on health advice, Australia has been free of community transmitted covid cases for a few days now. This has been reported in the UK and US as being great, but at the cost of our freedom due to lockdowns. Well, like NZ we did have lockdowns, although not for very long, just a few weeks generally and worst case a few months in a few spots when the infection rate in that area was getting high - not by rest of the world standards, but 50 to 200 new cases per day. We have had minimal restrictions once we got it under control and we have in the vast majority been happy to follow health advice because it wasn't politicised (in the main) and we wanted to protect our fellow citizens that were more vulnerable than others. Stay safe people, wear masks if out and about, wash hands for 20 seconds, especially after contact outside the home, don't shake hands, say g'day mate instead, and keep socially distancing. And eventually when a vaccine is found and proven effective, you can get that and then come and visit us, we're a friendly bunch. Stay safe people.
5:24 am

Well, except us in Victoria that is - essentially lockdown for 3 months. But - worth it. Otherwise - what Phil said
6:01 am

easy--no tricks required. Amen Phil
6:18 am

To all our US friends, vote, please, for whoever you want. But get out there, mask up and vote, and please, remember it's a democracy, you get your chance to vote, take it, be friendly about it, and respect anyone who may not have the same views as you. You don't have to be mates, but BE KIND!
6:20 am

We all felt for you in Victoria Stewart, even Collingwood supporters
6:59 am

dng -some paired pairs wre enough
7:41 am

I'm a registered "Other" which should amuse the hell out of many of you, mostly because Independent status on  ballots was surreptitiously changed to mean the Green Party here in Maine years ago, and true Independents were forced to assume the moniker of Other. The majority of Independents don't even know they've joined the Green Party.
As for Covid 19, that too is a misnomer. The 19 represents 2019, the year it emerged, but in fact it was created in a lab at UNC Chapel Hill by combining 3 other diseases using CRISPR technology. Research began in 2013 and was completed in 2015 at which time an 8 page white paper was published in Nature Magazine Journal of Medicine. You can read it there. Just Google it. It's openly available.
Covid is what is known as a gain of function virus. It was created specifically to make non transmissible strains in humans contagious to humans. Why would they do this you ask? Good question. Who financed it is another good question.
You'll find Zengli Shi listed as a grad student and one of the authors of this paper. She's the purported Batwoman who took samples to Wuhan after she secured her Phd.
9:13 am

Not too bad for a Hard. Get out and vote, you folks in the US, and remember, don't feed the trolls.
9:31 am

I don't care who you vote for, you have freedom of choice. But for God's sake don't kill people or destroy things because of the results!
10:17 am

done with crosshatching and pairs.
12:23 pm

Phil & Stewart - I am happy for your and your fellow country people. I know it wasn't easy but we have never been promised that 'life' would be easy. I spent 5 fun weeks in AU/NZ last December '19 and early January of 2020. Looking forward to another trip.
7:43 pm

10:05 pm

Did it, no green, no guess. Several pairs, difficult to see, difficult to exploit. Took me a long time. 28.